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Comatec is committed to maintaining the confidence that you place in us. We would like to provide you with transparent information about how we place, use and store cookies on your device when you use our and you present the option to manage and to delete cookies. 

You can click on the yellow icon on the bottom left corner of our website from any page, to access all the needed information to make your choice.


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file saved on your computer when you visit a website. This text file records information that can be read by a website when you visit it again later. Some of these cookies are necessary to access certain features of a site. Other cookies are of practical use to the visitor: they securely save your username or language preferences, for example. Cookies simply mean that each time you visit a website, you don't have to enter the same information again.

The information stored by the cookies on your device may relate to the webpages you have visited on that device, the type of browser you use, your IP address, and any other action on our website.

Why do we use cookies?

Comatec uses cookies to provide you with an optimal user experience tailored to your personal preferences. By using cookies, Comatec ensures that you do not have to enter the same information each time you visit our online store. Cookies are also used to optimize the performance of the site, for example it helps you to reconnect more easily to your customer account.

What kinds of cookies do we use?

Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are essential for the website to function properly. They may include, for example, cookies which collect session ID and authentication data, cookies that make it possible to personalize the interface of a Site and / or an Application (for example, for the choice of the language or presentation of a service) or some audience measurement cookies.




Data retention




12 months





12 months





12 months


Analytics cookies

These cookies allow us to understand how users arrive on our site, to measure the number of visitors but also to analyze the way in which visitors browse our site. This helps us improve the way our works.




Data retention



12 mois

Google Analytics


12 mois


Advertising cookies and tracking cookies

These cookies are used to provide you with adverts more tailored to you and your interests. These cookies record your visit to our site and/or Application, the pages you have visited and the links you have followed. We use this information in order to personalize our site according to your areas of interest.

There are also cookies to display advertisements that are not personalized to your profile. These cookies can be used exclusively to measure the performance of a marketing campaign.




Data retention

Google Conversion Tracking


12 mois


Social networks

These cookies allow you to share information on social networks.

See their privacy policy :

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Data retention

Facebook Conversion Tracking


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Facebook Custom Audiences


12 mois

Facebook Pixel


12 mois


Cookies consent management
You will be asked to agree to our use of them through our cookie consent tool which is available at the yellow button on the bottom left corner of our website, from all pages.